Age is not an excuse to grow up.
Since I was little and played in a fairy dress in the garden, I have wanted nothing more than to be a 'big girl'. Good old Ma and Da tried to explain to me that I had to enjoy the now and that there was plenty of time to be a big girl. I never believed them, I insisted on wearing Mums make up and Grans kitten heels. I went crazy watching movies with girls kissing boys and I so longed to be a part of that 'grown up' world.
I'm still so little, I'm still a child. But I have grown up, I wear my own make-up and heels and I get to go out and kiss boys. The only difference is that now I wish that I was little again. I wish I could go to the park across the street in my fairy dress again. I wish I could tell my parents that I'm sorry I didn't listen to them, that I wish I had lived in the then. Because now I'm all grown up and I can't have it back.

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