'Oh Honey'
I could never resent you, know that. Maybe once, maybe twice. But never thrice. You were the biggest part of me for the shortest time, a time that has never truly been acknowledged, that has never been given the credit that it deserved. Maybe we were together for all the wrong reasons, maybe, but maybe we were together for all the right reasons too. Reasons like lust and envy and some other crazy messed up reasons. Reasons like making old lovers jealous. Maybe the lust crept out of us and become more real than it was ever meant to. Maybe the lust consumed us and become love. Loving you was the most heart wrenching, excrutiatingly painful moment of my life, and I loved every second of it, being all wrapped up in you like that. So beautiful in your thoughts and emotions, and so disgusting in your portrayal. I never loved anyone like I loved you, I never loved anyone more, I never love anyone less. I never hated anyone in the way I can’t bring myself to hate you. I will replace you, it’s my forte. Never forget, you were nothing but a replacement, a utensil in my destruction, an established cunt. Forever. You will never change, you are the most bitter-sweet taste of stubborn, and I love hate you, and I will forever. My Honey Honey Slinkster Lover, I will never truly love or hate you. Not ever.

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